Published on 6 November 2017

Chloé Recall featuring Ben Shemie


Music video produced by Movement

Directed by Frédéric Lebain & Grégoire Pédron

Director of Photography – Johan Legraie

Set Designer – Arnold Goron Dancer – François Joos

Line Producer – Naoufel Ben Youssef

Location Manager – Ismael Curbelo Driver – Tania Gonzalez

Video recorded with the support of the Adami & SACEM.

Amidst a savage terrain of volcanic rocks, a scintillating metallic graphical object emerges, slicing through the landscape, floating through as though a divinity. A wanderer is attracted, captivated, and ultimate snatched by the omnipresent cube. The object begins to revolve and its rotations entrance the man into a tribal, symbiotic dance. Frédéric Lebain & Grégoire Pédron are Backgammon partners and neighbours who also blend experimentation with art and beauty in the form of the fashion films and music videos they create together.