Published on 3 January 2017


Lumière Noire is a creative entity pitched somewhere between a club night and a record label.

Chloé resolved to make 2017 the year that Lumière Noire becomes an entity all it own.

the idea is to take the time to work on a 12” the way we would on a full album, to be a vector between the artists so that they can collaborate together and remix each other’s work, to come up with a visual identity. The club events will be like our club house, where our artists come together to share the Lumière Noire world with our audience.”


Lumière Noire, entité artistique entre soirées et label.

Chloé a décidé de projeter Lumière Noire plus loin en 2017 et d’en faire un véritable label, une entité libre et indépendante. « L’idée est de prendre le temps de construire un maxi avec les artistes comme on le ferait avec un album, de les faire se remixer les uns les autres ou collaborer, de réfléchir au graphisme mais aussi de développer cet espace de création en faisant des labels night en club avec les artistes de Lumière Noire. »


LN011 – Chloé feat. Ben Shemie “Recall” Remixes EP

A1 – Moiré remix

A2 - Jonathan Kaspar remix

B1 – Douglas Greed remix

B2 – Autarkic remix






drawing : Matthieu Cossé AD & Design : Hello Dune Lunel

drawing : Matthieu Cossé
AD & Design : Hello Dune Lunel






This one is a one way ticket Los Angeles – Mexico – Paris offered by our beloved mariachis MODERNA y THEUS MAGO.

Immersive slow-tracks, techno tension at its worst with sharp acid basslines. Add to this a remix from our favorite electronic post punk band Die Wild Jagd and you just have toRing the bell, tenemos 4 bomb alertas.

Moderna & Theus Mago met in Mexico a day of “Ley Seca” [when the Mexican government shot all bars and clubs down the entire weekend for voting purposes]. That night, as djs in the city were gig-less, they organized an impromptu “illegal” house party outside the city, with most of the local heroes (Mijo, Sanfuentes, Bufi, Andre VII, Moderna, Max Schmitt, Watty and more).

This EP is the result of the « Ley Seca ». This is probably why it makes it so special. 3 tracks of pure modern techno to fight for your right to party?

 1-DOG IS CALLING YOU : Slow techno is always stronger. Dog is calling you is expanding slowly into a mixture of acid & techno sounds & pure sex drum machine. This could remind some Mathew Dear’s techno tracks style. Who is the dog ?

2-PAPA EN ROY : That track has something effective & functional I kind of like. Classic techno track with an obsessive & repetitive bassline, upbeated by Moderna’s vocal. It hurts.

3 – ASESINO Psicótico : Violence can be really sexy sometimes. Techno energy + housy groove = asesino + psicotico.

4- DOG IS CALLING YOU (Die Wild Jagdt remix) : Die Wild Jagt is the name for a group of hunters in the german folk tale of the 19th century. It is also THE electronic post punk band that we cherish the most these years, as big fan of their first album on Bureau B last year.  Die Wild Jagt has revisited Moderna y Theus Mago to perfection bringing something more organic to this technoid track. They just killed it.




Il est Vilaine left us in a Mexican desert acid and rock-n-roll, away from clubs formats and strobes.

The new release on Lumière Noire, puts the light on Markus Gibb, a more radical universe that flirts with techno, club, and undue.

Lumière Noire’s spectrum is opening.

I play Markus productions very often in my sets … Markus sends me his demos for several years and each time I am surprised by this small addition, this unstoppable intransigence that makes the difference with more techno songs classics that I get.

Markus Gibb has a style of his own and likes to make cohabit techno, new wave and rock n roll.

Having cut his teeth in classical music and in several rock bands, it will make the most of his musical background to embark alone in productions that reflect the perfect combination of influences: a modern, powerful, and inspired directly (the good side) of the 80; martial and mental techno music, drunk accident that makes it wobbly and touching.

Genuine bulimic music and production, Markus is not at his first attempt since it already has a dozen releases on labels as diverse as Clouded Vision, Frucht or Rock to the Beat.

For this second Lumière Noire, Markus Gibb is no exception to the rule and gives us three pieces that are already classics of tomorrow.

Crises” is a hit that never explodes, a secret weapon that is icy and twisting heads and moving body: deep bass, sharp sounds and beat assassin.

Charogne » takes its roots in the indus music and applies a real techno treatment. A slow, jerky, a techno juggernaut.

Bali” is perhaps the most « ufo » song, both melodrama, narrative and strikethrough. The vaporous tablecloths and chanted voice plunge us into a kind of psychedelic trance and cottony: a trip to the Indonesian jungle in hallucinogens.

Bali Broken English club remix” – Oliver Ho, who we know well at Kill The Dj as we had released his more pop weirdo project THE EYES IN THE HEAT, just revisits Markus with his side project : BROKEN ENGLISH CLUB (remember the emotion aroused by the EP « Violence & divinity » with Silent Servant on CITITRAX): a post-punk noise twist and with a good dose of raw energy.



ILESTVILAINEThe first black light (LUMIERE NOIRE) will be shone on IL EST VILAINE.

The Parisian duo composed of Simon Says, a longtime friend from DIALECT RECORDINGS, and Florent aka Dorian Grey, a up-and-coming it-boy who focuses on hard techno and rave parties (he’s a former member of the hedonistic Parisian nightlife collective Washin Mashin.) The duo’s first collaboration “SCANDAL EP” (a sweaty disco vibe stained with leather-biker oil)  came out in March 2014 and was a big success. I played all sides of this EP in clubs all over the world, so it was easy for me to trust them blindly (in the dark again), giving them the the reins of this first release on LUMIERE NOIRE I was not disappointed.  The villains offered me four haunting and unstoppable tracks that put us in the leather boots of a beat-up James Dean crawling out of a back-room and attempting to conquer the Wild West. Beau programme, isn’t it?”



LN04_VOKAFFICHE-LUMIERE-NOIRE-3 LUMIERE-NOIRE-2   INSTAGRAM-EVENT-REXDR_Rex SuperpticherDR_Rex 140927-03 DR_Rex Rebolledo DR_Rex Rémy DR_Rex light DR_Rex Aksel TimDR_Rex Tim Chloe AkselDR-RV Rex Chloé