Live Cinémix “Blackmail” Hitchcock (1929)

Published on 30 September 2014

cinemix blackmail hitchcock chloe live performance

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A very rare and silent Hitchock movie.

During a date, Alice White (Anny Ondra) has a fight with her boyfriend, Scotland Yard Officer Frank Webber (John Longden), and decides to leave with an artist named Mr. Crewe (Cyril Ritchard). Whey they get to the artist’s flat, Mr. Crewe attempts to force himself on Alice, and she kills him to defend herself. Frank investigates the case and, after realizing Alice is the culprit, seeks to help her. However, a thief (Donald Calthrop) with blackmail on his mind complicates matters.

Chloé created the live music :

2012 :  Cinémathèque de Paris

2014 : the International Film Festival, the FIME, in Toulon

2017 :  Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF) / le Festival International du Film de Genève